Posteado por: redlibrepy | 20 octubre, 2010

Al fin AirOS 5.3beta2 con soporte vlan

luego de mucho insistir a Ubiquiti Networks para que agregen soporte y administración vlan en via WEBGUI lo agregaron, estaremos probando para ver que tal se comporta..

AirOS V5.3-Beta2 Official change log:

New functionality:

– New: AirSelect
– New: VLAN tagging: One VLAN per device. All traffic going to gateway is tagged
– New: Low TX power mode for Rocket M5/Rocket M2
– New: DFS enabled by default — change in default configuration for ALL M5 series products
– New: Tool –> Discovery
– New: New Ubiquiti Logo Tab / Settings
– New: Updated US Country Code channel list for compliance
– New: NanoStation Loco M900: external and internal antenna support scenario
– New: Ability to enter device location (for AirControl)

– CCR: Add auto channel functionality on AP (WEB GUI)
– CCR: Implement Jumbo frames support (maximum allowed MTU is 1518 bytes of data)
– CCR: Remove Device name limit (14 char)
– CCR: Sensitivity threshold settings for Client
– CCR: Add DNS fields in DHCP server configuration
– CCR: Port forwarding should support Source IP/mask criteria
– CCR: Dynamic DNS support
– CCR: Improve Firewall rules with ACCEPT
– CCR: Ability to Turn auto discovery off
– CCR: Change Refresh button in MAIN page behavior

– AirControl agent: GPS location
– AirControl agent: Support for latency reporting
– AirControl agent: Configuration changed indicator
– AirControl agent: Report network adapter status


– AirMax: PPPoE latency in PtMP network with more than 22 clients connected to AP

– Major: No connection or persistent station disassociation when at least one station is connected with low RSSI
– Major: STA disassociation during WPA/WPA2 group key exchange (affects AES and TKIP security)
– Major: Device with power safe connection triggers Stuck beacon on M series AP
– Major: Intel clients are de-authenticated during rekeying
– Major: Improved power saving handling (Nokia, HTC phones)

– Fix: Low Data Rates and CCQ value when link is idle
– Fix: Send proper disconnect command to PPPoE server when restarting PPPoE session
– Fix: ARPNAT and PPPoE relay issue
– Fix: Channel list is required on AP/AP-WDS when enabling DFS
– Fix: Previously configured default gateway isn’t disabled when WAN interface is configured to obtain IP settings from DHCP server (SoHo Router mode)
– Fix: Singapore frequency change
– Fix: Ukraine is missing in country code list
– Fix: Enable obey regulatory rules in default configuration for PowerAP N/AirRouter
– Fix: PPPoE client holdoff time isn’t correct
– Fix: PPPoE client isn’t restoring session after lost wireless link connection

– GUI: Max power of AirGridM2/AirGridM5 products is 20dBm not 19dBm
– GUI: VLAN network settings – as separate option
– GUI: Reset to defaults redirects to incorrect IP address
– GUI: Pop-up windows are not closed on “save” action if parent tab is changed

– Enhancement: Functionality set for Indoor products
– Enhancement: DMZ configuration to allow for more control over “management ports”







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